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Meet Lakeshore Psychotherapy Group

Welcome to Lakeshore Psychotherapy Group

Lakeshore Psychotherapy Group, LLC, is an outpatient psychotherapy practice helping people with depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, eating disorders and emotional issues related to health problems.

“Psychotherapy is a journey we take together to explore the fundamental truths about our character in order to get free from the past and live fully.” – Jeff Seiden, Psy.D.

We created LSPG in order to make therapy more accessible to a larger number of people in need of psychological services. Typically, a solo practitioner focuses on his/her specialty and is therefore unable to offer individualized services to people outside of that specialty.  Our practice  has multiple specialties all in one practice. Therefore, we are able to address a broader range of emotional struggles. In addition to psychotherapy, we offer psychological testing in the areas of depression screenings, ADD/ADHD assessments, intellectual and personality functioning, memory loss and impairment screenings, and employment based assessments.

At LSPG, we don’t just focus on symptoms and offer “techniques,” we see the person behind the struggles. We approach our clients in a meaningful, engaging manner to learn about them on a deeply emotional level. Our clients are not a collection of symptoms but people with stories that need to be heard. We appreciate that our clients’ problems are a monument to their forgotten past. Through compassionate engagement we help our clients break free of repetitive behaviors, enhance their self understanding, and transcend painful past experiences.   Our goal is to help clients resolve internal conflicts, mourn past personal disappointments, and find meaning and value in their lives.

Meet Lakeshore Psychotherapy Group - Lakeshore
Therapies we offer:
  • Individual Therapy – Get expert help in dealing with depression, anxiety and relationship problems.
  • Couple’s Therapy –  Are you experiencing issues with trust, communication and intimacy? We are here to help you improve your relationship.
  • Adolescent Therapy – Adolescent can be a difficult time in one’s life. Working with a therapist is a great way to help them navigate the many challenges of the teenage years.
  • Psychological Testing – We offer psychological assessments for, teens and adults in the areas of cognitive functioning, learning disorders, memory impairment, and social-emotional functioning.
Meet Our Team of Experienced Therapists & Discover What They Can Help You With…
Lakeshore Psychotherapy Group - Jeff Seiden

Jeffrey A. Seiden, Psy.D. 

Individual Psychotherapy: depression, anxiety, relationship problems, inhibition, sexual dysfunction, low self-esteem, loss and mourning, health psychology (cancer, diabetes, weight loss).

Couples Therapy: trust issues, difficulties with communication, infidelity, constant arguing, anger and resentment, family issues, parenting conflicts.

Health Psychology: cancer, diabetes, weight loss.

Lakeshore Psychotherapy Group - Diana Sanabria

Diana C. Sanabria, LCSW

Individual Psychotherapy: depression, anxiety, relationships problems, low self-esteem, parenting issues, empowering women.

Couples Therapy: communication, anger and frustration, parenting conflict, problems with intimacy.

Languages: Bilingual: English and Spanish

Lakeshore Psychotherpy Group - Meet our therapists - Danielle Brodsky, PsyD

Danielle Brodsky, Psy.D. 

Individual Psychotherapy: adult, adolescents, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, body image issues, behavior issues, school problems, mood disorders, self-esteem issues, perfectionism.

Psychological Testing: cognitive functioning, learning disorders, memory impairment, social and emotional functioning.

Lakeshore Psychotherpy Group - Meet our therapists - Tara Seiden

Tara Seiden, LSW 

Individual Psychotherapy: adolescents and young adults, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, body image issues, behavior issues, school problems, mood disorders, self-esteem issues, perfectionism.

Two Convenient Office Locations:

1. Chicago (Loop)
122 S. Michigan Ave. Suite 1305
Chicago Illinois, 60603

2. Suburbs (Northbrook)
899 Skokie Blvd, Suite 426
Northbrook, Illinois 60062

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