What Are the Benefits of Psychotherapy?

What Is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a process of exploring one’s emotional world. We often take our inner life for granted when in reality it is a very complicated place full of wishes, needs, disappointments and frustrations. Our psychological lives do not obey the laws of logic and can often have contradictory and opposing wishes and needs which are common to everyone. However, these contradictions along with frustrated needs can cause us to feel discomfort, anxiety, depression, anger and confusion. Psychotherapy takes place in a safe, non-judgmental, and respectful environment which is necessary in order to look beyond the defenses and armor one uses for protection against injuries to the self.

Therapists listen differently than friends and family. They are guides to your inner world and they approach therapy with the understanding of the multitude of pains, anxieties, worries and complexities of what it means to be human. They are trained in understanding how the mind works. However, they are not rigid in their approach but rather engage each individual with curiosity and an open mind.

Why See A Psychotherapist?

A PsychologyToday article shares the following reasons:

  • Everything you feel is intense
  • You’ve suffered trauma and you can’t stop thinking about it
  • You have unexplained and recurrent headaches, stomach-aches or a run down immune system
  • You’re using a substance to cope
  • You’re getting bad feedback at work
  • You feel disconnected from previously beloved activities
  • Your relationships are strained
  • Your friends have told you they’re concerned

There are an abundance of situations that may lead someone to try psychotherapy. It may be a recent event (i.e. a break up) or it may be a long standing issue (e.g. difficulty developing and maintaining relationships). Life is a difficult journey and we all struggle with the failures and disappointments we encounter.  No matter how common and ordinary our suffering may be there inevitably comes a time when we feel overwhelmed by the intensity of our situations. It is precisely when we feel overwhelmed, disoriented, confused and hopeless that psychotherapy can help immensely.

Seeing a therapist can provide clarity to a patient who is feeling lost and confused. Individuals who are willing to invest the time and effort in exploring the fundamental truths about themselves often report feeling better in a few weeks.

Psychotherapy is a highly individualized process. It is not a “one size fit all” approach but rather based on the individuals specific needs and goals. For instance, it can help people overcome specific problems such as recovering from an eating disorder, learning healthy ways to cope with anger or resolving relationship issues.

If you’ve thought about trying psychotherapy and wonder if seeing a therapist is right for you, ask yourself:

  1. Am I happy with how my life is going?
  2. Am I satisfied with my current relationships?
  3. Have I accomplished what I set out to do?
  4. Do I feel sad, stuck, or anxious often?
  5. Do I feel frustrated and overwhelmed?

Our team doesn’t just focus on symptoms and offer “techniques” – we take our time speaking with our clients to get to know them on a deeply emotional level. You are a person, not a diagnosis.

What are the benefits of psychotherapy? - Lakeshore Psychotherapy Group

Who Can Benefit From Psychotherapy?

Everyone experiences periods of stress, sadness, and internal conflict, but when do you know it’s time to seek professional help? The following feelings are signs that an individual might benefit from this type of therapy:

  • You want to love and accept yourself
  • You want to thrive in your career
  • You want to make your marriage the best it can be
  • You experience overwhelming feelings of sadness or hopelessness
  • You want to reach your health & fitness goals
  • You want to let go and forgive people in your life
  • You want to improve as a parent
  • You struggle with self-image and are concerned you have an eating disorder

“Psychotherapy has the benefit of giving clients someone to talk to. It can create a new way of looking at difficult problems, and help people move towards a solution.”
– Medical News Today

Is Psychotherapy Right For You?

Watch our video to learn more about the types of situations therapy can help with. We have identified many benefits our patients experience, and we hope to offer the same opportunity for you.

The Benefits Of Psychotherapy:

  • Improved mood
  • Feel more in control of your life
  • Find meaning
  • Gain a better understanding of yourself
  • Overcome specific problems
  • Make positive life changes
  • Increases overall health & well-being
  • Discover your full potential

If you are ready to begin psychotherapy or would like to learn more, contact us today for a FREE consultation.