Parenthood Psychotherapy

Parents often need tools during the early stages of parenthood to work through intimacy issues, responsibilities and communication strategies for child rearing. As the children grow up, family members often benefit from tools and talk therapy which guide them through conflicts, strengthen communication and build solid relationships.

Lakeshore Psychotherapy Group - Parenthood Psychotherapy Sessions

Throughout life, challenges will arise that often throw family members or the entire group off balance. Issues such as relocation, job transition, divorce, illness, grief, trauma and behavioral conditions are quite challenging. Lakeshore Psychotherapy provides a safe and confidential place for families to gather tools, information, resources, skills, guidance and support. Our family therapy aims to reduce stress, anxiety, help set boundaries, improve communication and resolve conflict in healthy ways.

Sometimes the whole family participates and other times, just those who are willing and open to changing their behaviors. Growing together improves everyone’s emotional well-being and often positively affects extended family as well.

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