Psychological Testing

Lakeshore Psychotherapy Group offers a range of psychological assessments for children, teens, and adults in the areas of cognitive functioning, learning disorders, memory impairment, and issues with social-emotional functioning.

Early identification of underachievement in school is crucial to a child’s development and academic success. Our clinicians are trained in identifying the nature of the difficulties, whether it’s rooted in biological issues with attention and concentration or if it’s an emotional concern, such as anxiousness in the school environment. We specialize in assisting the child, family, and teachers in facilitating optimal functioning at home and in the classroom.

LPG clinicians additionally offer assessment of cognitive functioning and identifying memory loss. In some cases, impairments are a manifestation of one’s distress and reversible with clinical intervention. In other cases, memory deficits are neurological and are associated with forms of dementia. Our clinicians are trained in discerning the nature and severity of the impairment and in providing individualized recommendations in support of the individual and their family.

Finally, the clinicians at LPG understand that depression, anxiety, and relationship stress are commonplace for many. We offer screening assessments for depression and anxiety disorders, as well as more in-depth personality testing to assess for areas of strength and areas of improvement in one’s social functioning. Our goal is to clarify symptoms, establish a diagnosis that feels genuine, and to collaborate on a treatment plan to restore a sense of meaning and fulfillment in one’s life.

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Lakeshore Psychotherapy Group - Psychological Testing