How Psychotherapy Works

Psychotherapy is a process of self discovery.

At LSPG, our clinicians are focused on helping you overcome your struggles so that you can work effectively and having healthy, satisfying relationships. 

We start with a diagnostic evaluation – a process aimed and getting a thorough understanding of your problems, how long you have been experiencing these problems and under what conditions to they get worse or better.  A diagnostic evaluation is important because most problems and symptoms have some dynamic structure that maintains them.  There is usually some psychological conflict, deficit or developmental arrest that accounts for the problems and/or symptoms people experience.  These issues are often times outside the awareness of the person who is suffering.  Instead, they believe the symptom, itself, is the problem. We will help you to understand that early life experiences can have a lasting and profound impact on how you view yourself and the world today.

At LSPG, we will help you to recognize, acknowledge, understand and “work through” the underlying issues to your problems.  Through this process, you should feel better about yourself, feel more optimistic for the future, find more success at work and develop and/or deepen your interpersonal relationships.

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process aimed at helping you understand yourself and how your mind works. It can also help you have a better relationship to yourself. So often, you are your own worst enemy. The self-consciousness, constant shame and guilt, and self-depreciating attitude will leave you feeling depressed and anxious. Psychotherapy can help you the awareness you need to overcome these feelings.  We will work with you to accomplish your goals.
Lakeshore Psychotherapy Group - Individual Therapy - Loss and Mourning
Lakeshore Psychotherapy aims to make significant positive changes in your life by providing needed support, a safe place to explore your thoughts and feelings, and valuable insights into your experiences. Our goal is to share the emotional resources you need to grow and create a more joyful and loving life.

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