Child Psychotherapy

You’ve noticed that your child is having problems. He/she may be feeling depressed, anxious and/or lonely but you’re not sure how to help. Maybe you thought your child was going through a “phase” and would grow out of it with time but it isn’t getting any better. Instead, the depression or anxiety seems to be getting worse. Your child may be struggling socially or academically and this can lead to feelings of anxiety, worthlessness, low self-esteem, lack of motivation, lost of interest in activities, moodiness, anger and frustration, and acting out behaviors.

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Fortunately, there is help. Psychotherapy can help your child understand and manage his/her feelings more effectively. It can help your child recognize and change ineffective coping strategies and re-examine negative beliefs about himself and others. The goal of treatment is not only to help children resolve their current problems but to help them reach their full potential in all aspects of life and to build strength and resilience.

Much of the therapeutic work is accomplished by building a strong, trusting relationship with your adolescent. Understanding your child’s struggles will help us work together to resolve painful issues and develop your child’s inner resources.

When necessary, therapy will help the child have a better relationship with his/her parents. Contact us for a consultation to determine if psychotherapy is best suited for a child’s unique needs.

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Lakeshore Psychotherapy Group - Child Therapy - Featured Image