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Psychotherapy for Personal Growth and Development​

Develop your inner resources to overcome anxiety, depression, and develop healthy relationships. ​

The therapists at Lakeshore Psychotherapy Group, LLC. are dedicated to helping you uncover your hidden potential in order to build healthy relationships and live a meaningful life.  All too often we are troubled by anxiety and depression that disrupt our sense of well-being, cause conflicts in our relationships and holds us back from reaching our potential.

At LSP, we specialize in understanding people. Everyone has a story that needs to be heard. When our experiences have been ignored, overlooked, unacknowledged, or misunderstood we eventually develop symptoms as a way of paying tribute to our forgotten past. Anxiety and/or depression are signs that we are unable to move forward until some important experience is understood and integrated into our personalities.

Our therapists are compassionate, curious, and interested in you and your life. We can help you unlock the emotional obstacles that are holding you back from reaching your potential.

If you are ready to start the process toward change, contact us now for a free consultation!
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Psychotherapy Tailored To Your Needs

Therapy is a collaborative process. Through honest dialog we will work together to get you where you want to go.

At LPG, our clients are more than a collection of symptoms. They are unique individuals with complex needs, conflicts, wishes, and struggles. Our therapists are trained in understanding the complexities of the human personality and how it is shaped by biology, early developmental experiences, and current life events. Although we are trained to understand how complex emotional issues get bound to one’s personality, we are not dogmatic in our approach to therapy. Instead, we engage each client with curiosity, compassion and interest. We appreciate that everyone has a story that needs to be heard and understood.

Contact us to set up a consultation and get started on creating a better, more fulfilling life today. If you would like to schedule a consultation please contact us at (312) 481-8181 or by email at [email protected]